It’s always nice to find metal bands that while new, firmly stick to the old school in terms of both sound and aesthetic. In some cases it may come off as contrived, but when done right it comes off as both authentic and powerful.

Case in point would be Under the Church who play down and dirty old school Swedish death metal. Featuring ex-members of the legendary Nirvana2002, Demo 2013 is death metal the way it’s meant to sound – buzzsaw guitars, corpse vocals, and headbangable riffs!

While the demo is only 3 songs long, it makes enough of an impression to make me giddy for the band’s forthcoming EP from Pulverized Records. If you’re into death metal at all, you need to check this out. You can get the digital album on Bandcamp for 20 SEK.

Track Listing:

01. Under the Church
02. Haunted By Demons
03. Back to the Grave

Run Time: 9:48
Release Date: April 16, 2013

Check out the album ‘Demo 2013’