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“Apprehension” is the latest song from Tallahassee, Florida band In Motion. The band’s history is not long, yet they are already starting to break through. Things got started in the winter of 2013 when the members got together and started practicing in Thomasville, Georgia. All five members have varying backgrounds in the local music scene, ranging from bigger name acts to garage bands and house shows. After some small lineup changes, the guys decided to aim for a heavier, more aggressive sound, away from the indie rock they were going for. The new members brought along with them a more serious and heavier tone along with a move back to Tallahassee.

Months of practicing led In Motion to embark on recording their first self-titled EP. To help them with the process, the members found a true pro in Lee Dyess at Earth Sound Recordings who has worked previously with I Set My Friends on Fire and From First to Last. Dyess really helped tighten the band’s sound up which led to them punching out a whole new batch of six songs for the EP. After one more lineup change, the band is now settled and ready to get out there and make their music be heard.