When You Have Arrived is the sophomore release from the Seattle-based indie/Americana band, Campfire OK. While this is not my usual fare, I can and do appreciate music outside of the metal realm and Campfire OK fits the bill perfectly. When You Have Arrived is a disc that I think requires multiple listens in order to really appreciate all the subtle, yet complex parts at work within each of the tracks.

This delightful multi-layered, acoustic-driven offering really caught me off guard and within a short period of time it burrowed deep into my noggin, staying with me for most of the day. Banjos, trumpets, and various other instruments weave together creating a musical tapestry that is quite the listening experience and has quickly become my go-to disc when I need a break from the harder, heavier stuff that most often populates my headphones. I suggest checking these guys out when the record drops on September 17th… you won’t regret it!

Track Listing:

01. 2 & 3
02. My Dear Friends
03. Wishing You The Best
04. Fireworks At Night
05. New Tradition
06. Pretty and Kind
07. Whereabouts
08. Orange Grove
09. Wooden Queen (feat. Melodie Knight)
10. When You Have Arrived
11. Smoke Out Your Eyes (feat. Melodie Knight)
12. Our Hearts Beat Light (To An Orange Grove)

Run Time: 45:32
Release Date: September 17, 2013

Check out the song “Wishing You The Best”