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We are very glad to offer you for download the new song “Rather Be Dead” from Ottawa, Ontario-based punkers New Swears. These self-proclaimed party animals play jangly garage punk intended to be the perfect soundtrack to getting drunk and acting stupid with your friends on a Saturday night. In a time when it’s all about hipsters and jumping from trend to trend, New Swears have a distinctive classic punk sound and feel to them. The songs are purposefully rough around the edges with a layer of fuzz permeating above every instrument. This is music that is fun, not faux-inspirational, overly pretentious hipster music that takes itself too seriously.

Funny Isn’t Real is the latest album from New Swears and it puts to sound everything the band is about. The record is the culmination of a bunch of punk rock kids getting together and making a bunch of calculated noise. It’s music for people who don’t like to get caught up in genres and classifications; just people who like to have fun in their basement with their friends.