Sometimes something happens that makes you sit back and wonder where the fuck time has gone. Reading the accompanying press release for Topple The Giants, the new album from Bakersfield rockers Adema, was one of those things. You see, back in 2001, I was sat in a hotel bar with original Adema frontman Marky Chavez and we were both watching footage of the Twin Towers come crashing down. Like I said, we’re now in 2013, it’s hard to believe that over a decade has passed since that meeting. So, while there is no doubt that the world has changed, the question pertinent to this review is where do Adema, one of the second-wave of nu-metal bands, sit comfortably within a rock world that has changed so much in thirteen years?

Well, thankfully, Topple The Giants doesn’t really see them try to live off past glories despite a history that involves Gold albums and huge tours. Even the reworking of two of their older tracks in the form of “Planets” and “Giving In”, the latter taken from their 2001 Gold-selling debut, don’t sound out of place on an album that is more than just a nu-metal rehash. On the downside that does mean you only actually get five new tracks for your cash, but there is certainly enough here to make it worth your listen if you’re a fan of the band.

Diversity and experimentation appears to be the name of the game for Adema in 2013. With original guitarist Tim Fluckey taking over vocal duties, there are moments during Topple The Giants, such as the slightly unusual sounding “Lions” where you wonder what they’re going to do next however, flip the coin and you have “Unstable”, a rumbling, chuggy, bass-slapping affair that is more akin to the Adema of old. Maybe you could criticize Adema for the lack of a defined direction but, as they say, variety is the spice of life.

It’s been five years since Adema last put out a full album, so fans could feel a little disappointed at the end result only featuring five new tracks. Still, there is enough on the five tracks on offer to show that while Adema may not have the power to topple the giants of the modern music scene, they’ve got enough about them to put up one hell of a fight.

Track Listing:

01. Resolution
02. Topple The Giants
03. Lions
04. Unstable
05. Immortal
06. Planets
07. Giving In

Run Time: 27:50
Release Date: April 02, 2013

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