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Mississauga, Ontario’s Hammerhands brings you their latest epicness with a free download of the song “Analysis Paralysis”. If you’re wondering if Hammerhands is the right band for you, they claim to be “intended for fans” of Neurosis, The Melvins, Pelican, Swans, Boris, Isis, Sleep, Godflesh, Envy, and Sunn O. The doom metal group features ex-members of The Love and Terror Cult and Dance Electric, and in their music, Hammerhands takes the aggressive temperament of their contemporaries and presents it in a poetically charged arrangement that is both haunting and engaging. With such a layered atmosphere, it really translates well to their live show which is jarring and peculiar, not to mention hypnotic and apocalyptic.

Hammerhands’ debut album is an unforgiving epic, aptly titled Glaciers. The album explores the coldness of the human condition in a matter-of-fact kind of way. The record contains long droning parts with slowed down crushing riffs, amongst eerie death-march drum beats. Glaciers is a definite must of fans of drudging, sludging kind of heavy metal. Judging by their debut, Hammerhands is definitely a band going somewhere.