Don’t Hold Back is the debut release from Ontario-based hard rock band Project Mars and the very first track, “Push’N”, immediately grabs you by the balls setting the tone for the rest of this six song EP. This tune is super riff-driven and powerful as hell, especially when cranked up! I had to hear more.

I would describe the band’s sound as modern rock with classic riffs and a bit more of an edge than many others; which I think might help them stand out in a genre that is flooded with mediocre, cookie cutter acts. From a production standpoint this disc sounds freaking great; it is big, polished, and super radio friendly. I do not feel it will take long for Don’t Hold Back to be noticed and when it does, expect to hear it flooding the airwaves. Bottom line, this is a really good, high-energy, modern rock record and is well worth picking up.

Track Listing:

01. Push’N
02. I Can Change
03. Right To Know
04. Hey!
05. Break Down (The Walls)
06. Don’t Hold Back

Run Time: 20:25
Release Date: October 2, 2012

Check out the song: “Hey!”