Trillion Red is a one-man act from San Francisco that is very rare, in that it has a sound that is truly unique and does not fall neatly into any one category of music. As a result the “band” self-describes itself as dark, progressive, avant-garde metal.

In reality, even the above description is off as Trillion Red really can’t be pigeonholed… no matter how hard you try. One moment a wave of strange noises greets you, and the next Patrick is crooning to a mellow beat that sounds like Shadows of the Sun-era Ulver. After that, another cacophony of noise ensues followed by some heavy music. Ambient noises also occasionally mix in followed by highly emotive singing invoking both lightness and darkness. The sound is seriously odd, but that’s only because there is really nothing like it. At all.

As well as being odd, Metaphere is really cool. Patrick is quite good at keeping things interesting with this diverse range of sounds he’s made. The record was meant to be played from beginning to end, and true enough the album feels incomplete when listening to a song out of order. However, when played sequentially, it seems complete and highly fulfilling. Many will write this off as too complex or strange, but those willing to give this album a chance will find a lot to love about it.

Track Listing:

01. Blood Bravado
02. Trichroic Prelude – Mira Lore
03. Trichroic Part 1 – In Ever Loving
04. Trichoric Part 2 – In Darkness We
05. Trichoric Part 3 – Ephemeral Lig
06. Cuts Come in 3’s
07. Bug-Id
08. Parables and Levitation
09. Sin Forecasting
10. For Pain
11. Dawn State

Run Time: 58:30
Release Date: October 23, 2012

Check out the album: ‘Metaphere’