The Skinny: w^w^^w^w, the recently issued work of sonic enormity from New York tech metal experimentalists, Car Bomb, is currently streaming in its entirety at their official BandCamp page – listen below! Their first full-length output in five years, w^w^^w^w was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by the band at their own studios in Long Island and Brooklyn, produced by guitarist Greg Kubacki, and features guest vocalist Joseph Duplantier of Gojira on “Third Revelation.”

Often referred to as “double-u click double-u” for short, is clearly the band’s most ambitious and diverse offering to date. Songs range from the 50-seconds of syncopated chaos that is “Auto-Named,” and the catchy, mid-tempo “Lower The Blade,” to the speed metal infused “The Seconds.” Each track displays the typical chaotic timing that is signature Car Bomb, yet expresses a clear thematic differentiation to make it its own.

Vocalist Michael Dafferner elaborates: “It’s really easy when writing technical music to sound like you’re just stringing random riffs together. Though we wanted to make a lot of sharp turns in each song, we really strove for each song to have its own distinct sound and mood.” Adds guitarist Greg Kubacki: “most people will hear just random noise when listening to this record, but to us it’s all really simple ideas. We’re fascinated by the book Godel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstadter and we try to make music that is recursive. We try to establish certain themes and then shape and reuse them in different ways to create songs that have common threads within them. Patterns repeat, but not in ways you’d expect.”

w^w^^w^w Track Listing:

01. The Sentinel
02. Auto-Named
03. Finish It
04. Lower The Blade
05. Garrucha
06. Third Revelation
07. Recursive Patterns
08. Spirit of Poison
09. Magic Bullet
10. Crud
11. This Will Do the Job
12. The Seconds


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