Let’s go North… WAY NORTH to the largest city in the North West Territories, Yellowknife. You’re now probably wondering why the hell I’m taking you up there? Well readers, let me tell you that this is the city where the drunkiest, most crunked and super-hammered band evre resides. I’m speaking of course about the Canadian punk quartet Booze Cruise!

These guys released their debut, Moose Stuff, less than a year after their drunken formation. The album is composed of 12 real pop punk tracks, and I am not talking Paramore style; I mean more of a Guttermouth kind of thing. The songs are all fast, dirty, raw and out of control. They even have some gnarly bass riffs which deomnstrate punk rock is not as simple as one may think. Long story short, this record is bad-ass and if you love punk rock, Moose Stuff is definitely worth checking out.

Track Listing:

Side A:
01. In The Saloon Of A Sinking Ship
02. Am The Liquor
03. I’m OCD
04. 1967
05. Dance Club
06. Stoner Bashing Time

Side B:
07. Oh Shit! It’s…
08. Steve Steve Steve
09. It’s Snowing, We’re Skating
10. No Big Deal
11. I’m Not Your Buddy, Pal
12. Moose Stuff

Run Time: 35:16
Release Date: July 26, 2011

Check out the song: “Dance Club”