This Parlor Mob disc is a testament to the bands’ growth as songwriters and musicians over the past few years; Dogs is their second album with Roadrunner Records and first since 2008. The Mob has a unique way of blending pop infused post-hardcore with hard rock (and even a bit of classic rock) that is as adventurous as it is creative, and this disc is no exception.

While singer Mark Melicia has a very unique voice that I feel separates the band from many of the other watered-down clones that are flooding the airwaves these days, Dogs is all about variety. The band moves effortlessly between classic rock-sounding tunes like, “Slip Through My Hands,” and the emotion-filled ballad, “Holding On,” and the more modern rock, driving tune, “Into the Sun”. Dogs really takes the listener on a musical journey, a trip I was more than happy to share with them. This album is a fresh, vibrant and innovative offering that is truly enjoyable.

Track Listing:

01. How It’s Going To Be
02. Into The Sun
03. Fall Back
04. Practice In Patience
05. American Dream
06. I Want To See You
07. Hard Enough
08. Cross Our Hearts
09. Take What’s Mine
10. Slip Through My Hands
11. Holding On
12. The Beginning

Run Time: 45:55
Release Date: October 11, 2011

Check out the song: “Into The Sun”