Agnostic Front first made waves in the American hardcore scene in the mid-1980s. After a temporary hiatus and a few lineup changes, this quintet is back to rock the hardcore scene with a much bigger crossover thrash sound. Vocalist Roger Miret tells us more.

Agnostic Front has been doing this for 25 years now. How has the band changed since then, musically or otherwise?
Miret: Actually next year will be our 30th anniversary as a band. We had several lineup changes through the years. We progressed and touched on may different styles from punk, hardcore, thrash, and oi. We never put out a record that sounds exactly alike. We like to challenge ourselves with each effort, keeps things fresh and exciting for us and our fans as well.

Tell me a little bit about the band name. Why Agnostic Front – is there a story behind it?
Miret: Stigma (guitarist) wanted it to be more than a band; a movement is what he visioned, that is where the Front comes from, and Agnostic meaning in doubt of the absolute truth… question everything only believing it’s truth when you see it with your eyes.

What are your thoughts about the metal or hardcore scene now, compared to how it was in the 80’s or 90’s? Anything you think that is better or worse about it?
Miret: Things have changed through the years. Some for the better and some for worse. The thing I love best about it is that the whole scene is a worldwide thing. On the other hand, I feel like things are too segregated. Nowadays it doesn’t seem to work when both metal and hardcore bands play together. Kids seem to be more close-minded these days.

What are your influences as a vocalist?
Miret: My influences where always Roger Daltrey (The Who), Joe Strummer (The Clash) and Springa SSD!!!!

What has the latest album My Life My Way meant for you?
Miret: This record really takes you through a journey of the whole band’s career. It touches on all the styles we done from the first EP to our last record. Were proud of this album and feel it’s a instant classic for all our fans. Lyrically and musically.

Your songs are pretty anthem-like – your titles like “A Mi Manera”, “For My Family”, “United Blood” also fit with that general theme and have a lot of meaning. Who is the band’s lyricist? Do the rest of you as musicians play a role in the lyrical themes of a song?
Miret: We as a whole band contribute on writing the lyrics and music. It’s a team effort.

You reformed the band with Stigma in 1996. What was the reason for the hiatus? Why did you decide to reform it?
Miret: I took some time off because I spent some time in prison. After I got out, I needed to spend time with my daughter. After she grew up a bit, we reformed because of the high demand for us. We also missed playing so we reformed with Jimmy Colletee and Rob Kabula. We put out Something’s Gotta Give (1998) and haven’t stopped since then.

You’ve had a lot of lineup changes. How has that journey been in terms of finding the right people? Have you finally found the right people?
Miret: We’ve had our ups and downs with members. It’s not easy being able to handle being on the road as much as we travel. Most people are just not cut out for it. We have a strong lineup now and the band has never sounded better.

Any future plans for Agnostic Front?
Miret: Next year in February we will be touring Europe for out 30th aniversary tour with death by stereo and Naysayer. More tours will be announced so keep in touch via Facebook! We also have 3 new videos supporting our new record. You can check them out on our Facebook page as well as YouTube. NYHC (New York hardcore) lives!

Check out the song “My Life My Way”