As fans ready for the release of Wilco’s ‘The Whole Love’ on Sept. 27th, the band unveil a new video for the song “Born Alone” from the forthcoming album. The video premiere follows the weekend stream of ‘The Whole Love’ on the band’s website. More than 80,000 listeners worldwide accessed the album stream during the 24 hours it was available.

Chicago-based videographer, musician and audio engineer Mark Greenberg created the video for “Born Alone.” Greenberg, who was on hand during the entire recording session of Wilco’s forthcoming new album and earns an assistant production credit for his work, created the video for the Chicago band as “a super fast-paced scrapbook of the band’s studio loft and the sessions that went into the recording of the new album,” said Greenberg.

“The recording of ‘The Whole Love’ LP was all done in-house at Wilco’s magical loft in Chicago, where they have built not only a great recording studio, but also a home for the many treasures they’ve accumulated as a band,” continues Greenberg. “It’s a tremendous collection of incredible guitars, tube amplifiers, ancient keyboards and piles of drums and percussion, plus old concert posters from their many years together. For the “Born Alone” video, I wanted to capture as many of the beautiful little details of the loft and all its contents – bits and pieces of the art and the creature comforts that help create their beautiful little hideaway.”

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