Pittsburgh’s own White Wives premiere their official video for “Sky Started Crying” today exclusively HERE. The video, directed by Peter Iannacchione, follows the band as they drive around Pittsburgh performing the song on a flat bed truck.

Chris “#2” Barker describes the video by saying, “The idea was simple. See how much we could get away with. It was remarkable just how much we got. To be honest, it was awkward at times, but mostly it was just us having fun, and I think that comes across in the video. It’s pretty funny how relatively inexpensive it is for 5 friends to rent a truck, strap GoPro cameras on our bodies and cause a ruckus in downtown Pittsburgh during lunch rush hours. I highly recommend other fools try it.”

Vocalist Roger Harvey adds, “We had a really amazing time. We created a spectacle in downtown Pittsburgh during peak business hours. Definitely seemed to turn the city upside down for the day and catch a lot of people’s attention that would of never had there ears to the ground.” “Sky Started Crying” ” is the first single off of White Wives debut album ‘Happeners’.

For more information, please visit: www.facebook.com/whitewives.