Bolero has been rocking the Oshawa scene with their folky death metal tunes for some time now. They’re currently playing shows in support of their latest album, Voyage From Vinland, which came out in 2010. Bassist Morgan Rider recently gave us some time to talk about his Ibanez SR506 bass guitar.

What one piece of equipment do you use to obtain your signature sound?
Morgan: It’s sort of difficult for me to focus in on one piece of gear out of all my basses and my rig. But lately, my Ibanez SR506 bass is the piece of gear I won’t leave home without. I love the tone this beast produces from its thick lows, punchy highs and those awesome mid settings – which are what kicked my ass the first time around.

What about it makes it so important to you?
Morgan: The versatility of this bass both in a live and a studio setting are what makes it stand out from my other basses. It is equipped with a set of active Bartolini pickups and a Bartolini preamp which allows me to dial in almost any tone i need.

What are the major pros and cons?
Morgan: Definitely the tone, versatility, weight, and look are what makes this bass the go-to bass for me. The only con is that the body is made of soft mahogany, so it is very easy to dent (which is a small matter, it’s being worked in!); where on the other hand, that wood makes some killer tone!

How long have you used this piece of equipment and would you ever change it?
Morgan: I have been using this bass for the better part of a year now and no I would not change a thing about it. I am going to get a second one!

Any final thoughts or comments on the gear?
Morgan: Nope! I’m going to go play it now!

Check out the song: “Pints Held High”