I admire a musician who takes on a solo project, one that gives him the freedom to create his own style of music. Manahil’s keyboardist, Mathieu Fiset, did just that with his recent classical piano project, demonstrating his playing skills in a new light. The pianist recently self-released his album, From Deep Within which altogether consists of 10 compositions.

Every song on the disc focuses predominantly on the pure, uncloaked acoustics of the piano. Personally, I enjoyed the 5 tracks entitled “Vivre L’Instant Present: Improvisation” which, as the name suggests are improvisation. As you may be aware, PureGrainAudio is a rock site and From Deep Within is definitely not genre related, but this is what makes Mathieu Fiset’s solo project unique. He digresses from the rock music of Manahil going back to his true musical roots and plays the classical style of piano he learned growing up. Metal head or not, it’s always refreshing to hear the crisp sound of a piano.

Track Listing:

01. Better Than Words
02. Vivre l’instant présent : Improvisation 1
03. Vivre l’instant présent : Improvisation 2
04. Vivre l’instant présent : Improvisation 3
05. From Deep Within (still…)
06. The Medley: Intro/Concierto De Aranjuez/Endless Flight
07. Vivre l’instant présent : Improvisation 4
08. Vivre l’instant présent : Improvisation 5
09. Waiting for…
10. [Hidden Track]

Run Time: 52:57
Release Date: March 2, 2010

Check out the song: “Better Than Words”