They often seem to get forgotten, but one of the best post-grunge bands has definitely got to be Staind. The Massachusetts natives have consistently released awesome hard rock for over ten years now, all the while other similar bands have come and just as soon gone. Now almost exactly three years since 2008’s The Illusion of Progress comes Staind’s seventh record simply titled Staind. It seems like a lot of bands nowadays are losing members (Seether, Korn, Jane’s Addiction) and Staind is yet another, now having lost the services of its founding drummer Jon Wysocki for reasons unknown. Joining the band on tour as a temporary replacement will be Evanescence drummer Will Hunt.

The first single off the new record is the hard and punishing “Not Again.” Twenty seconds in and you’ll realize that the band has gone back to its hard rock/metal roots reminiscent of Dysfunction. Aaron Lewis is at his screaming best and the guitar riff is absolutely infectious. “Not Again” kind of sounds new and classic all at the same time seeing as it’s been so long since we’ve heard Staind turn up the loudness and aggression this high. It’s definitely meant to be played at 11 and should likely be a concert favourite. If you were expecting “It’s Been Awhile” or “So Far Away” then you better plug your ears because Staind is taking no prisoners on this one.

Run Time: 4:32
Release Date: July 12, 2011

Check out the song: “Not Again”