Disturbed’s latest record Asylum is proving to have some real longevity. Even though it was released all the way back in August 2010, the record is still going strong with a fourth single titled “Warrior” recently released. It’s hard to believe, but Disturbed is already onto its fifth record now and Asylum has been to date, very well received by fans and critics.

As for the song, “Warrior” is a tough call. It’s classic Disturbed with classic David Draiman vocals with lots of howls and growls and typical Disturbed guitars. Unfortunately for “Warrior,” that predictability is just the problem. The song is absolutely nothing new or different for the band. In fact, it’s so utterly indistinctive that you might mistake it for another one of their songs or think it was off a previous album from the Disturbed catalogue. “Warrior” isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just hard to get excited for a sound that has become a little too typical for an otherwise talented band. I’d say it’s time for Draiman and the boys to change things up a bit.

Run Time: 3:26
Release Date: 03.03.2011

Check out the song: “Warrior”