Five freakin’ years since the last Incubus record? You heard it right folks, one of the most prominent bands of the early 2000s has been on a lengthy hiatus since the release of their 2006 LP Light Grenades. It’s hard to believe, but time certainly flies by. But never fear, Incubus has returned with the group’s seventh studio record If Not Now, When? due to out on July 12th.

The first single off of If Not Now, When? is the track “Adolescents.” The song is a slower number and maybe not something you’d expect to be a record’s first single, especially from a band that hasn’t been heard from in a few years. It features some signature vocals from lead singer Brandon Boyd but nothing spectacular in the way of instrumentation. “Adolescents” is a solid track, but it really lacks a “first single” kind of sound to it. It’s a little too mellow to get really excited about it. I’d say “Adolescents” would be an awesome third single, but for a group that’s been on a lengthy hiatus, this song isn’t going to get people very excited about a new album.

Run Time: 4:51
Release Date: 04.04.2011

Check out the song: “Adolescents”