Southern California’s Unwritten Law have premiered the new track “Swan Song” online HERE. Unwritten Law’s new studio album ‘Swan’ will hit stores on March 29th, 2011 through BreakSilence Recordings/Suburban Noize Records.

“Scott [Russo, vocals] had this song for a while; even before we committed to doing another record,” Unwritten Law guitarist Steve Morris told AltPress. “So this song came first, since it was pretty much already done. We gave it to Cisco to work on a bit and all that crazy production you hear on it is all him. It took a kind of basic, cool rock song to another level. It’s a great title track and a good rocking song with a straight up UL style.”

Unwritten Law’s ‘Swan’ will be the group’s first studio album since 2005’s ‘Here’s to the Mourning’. The group’s new single “Starships and Apocalypse” can be heard on their MySpace page.

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