Long Island indie rockers Tiger Riot are premiering their new music video for the song “Time Is On Your Side” which you can view below. It comes off ‘Look Up!’, the band’s debut album which was self-recorded in their own bedrooms, basements, bathrooms, garages along with several other makeshift “studio” rooms. Brookvale Records gave the album a proper release on February 1. You can purchase it on iTunes or can get a copy from the band online.

Tiger Riot stated about the video: “We had been brainstorming with Long Island native and good friend, director Stephen Vitale for a few months via video chat, since he’s now currently working in the film industry in Los Angeles. After scrapping several ideas, we decided on a beach performance video in order to pay homage to where we grew up (Long Island, NY). What was originally intended as B-roll/test shots for the video for “Damn These Electric Sex Pants!” (also on ‘Look Up!’), ended up having such a natural/raw feel that we loved and didn’t want to let go of.

It was all shot in Fred’s bedroom, one of the many places we recorded ‘Look Up!’, and we thought it would be great to have visual documentation of this time in our lives as a band. We chose “Time” because aesthetically it fit best with the footage. We kept all the “accidental” footage to cut back to – if we tried to re-record ourselves “hanging out at practice,” we knew it would come off as inauthentic – and Stephen recorded more footage of us playing along in time to the song.

Overall, we wanted to give fans the feeling they were sitting in on a Tiger Riot practice. We knew ‘Look Up!’ had truly came full-circle as soon as we saw the finished video for the song “Time is On Your Side.” It is a great end to that chapter in our lives.

For more information, please visit: www.myspace.com/tigerriot.