3D Radio is like a breath of fresh air, but it is a breeze that many will have a feeling of déjà vu with. The Reveling are a quartet punk band, containing front man Sean Morris (vocals, guitar), Dave Kramer (guitar, vocals), Dennis Murphy (bass, vocals) and Jay Weinberg (drums). Their sound seems to take influence from 80’s hardcore punk, whilst dropping just the right dose of melody to soften the blow. It may not be completely original, but it is good and different to most of the music on the market right now.

In a world of tight indie and emo music, The Reveling are appealing to the vast numbers of people who are bored with safe music and instead want to divulge in something a little more exciting. 3D Radio is short, snappy, loud and to an extent carefree of rules and boundaries.

However, 3D Radio is not all blood and guts. Despite Morris’s gravel ridden vocals, there’s plenty of pop sensibility in the back up vocals and there’s a few softer moments every now and then, especially in the fantastic build up half way through “Gift”.

At eleven minutes long, it was never going to change the world, but 3D Radio does give an insight into the potential that The Reveling possess. Hopefully the four piece from Brooklyn, New York can get together and produce a long play release soon, because if we’re honest, there is a chronic shortage of decent punk in mainstream music right now. Hopefully The Reveling can influence the start of an old trend.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Breadline
02. Gift
03. The Faces We Know
04. A Recurrent Rescindment Of Self

Run Time: 11:16
Release Date: 01.12.2009