In 2008, Kingdoms released a free download EP under the name of Atlantis. This release grabbed the attention of media, promoters and record labels across Canada. One label that especially took interest was Underground Operations, home to Protest The Hero, Kathleen Turner Overdrive and The Holly Springs Disaster, to mention a few. Kingdoms was signed in July of 2009 and with this inkage the band immediately released a new EP in hard copy named Daughter Of Atlas; a new format with the same energy.

Kingdoms have once again delivered an EP worthy of every hardcore fan. The instrumentals are heavy with supreme melody guitar overlays. The vocals are astounding with their ripping outward screams and melodic sung choruses. It is no wonder that they have risen above others in the Canadian music scene.

If you look at the track listing you will notice a few recycled songs. Tracks 3 – 7 are from their Atlantis EP. But, do not dismay. Daughters Of Atlas features two new tracks in “Split The Sky” and “The Biltmore Hotel”, both top notch songs worthy of receiving as many plays as the others.

Although Daughter Of Atlas is simply Atlantis plus two new tracks it is hard copy and definitely worth owning. Fans of The Holly Springs Disaster, Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Counterparts and Protest The Hero will really enjoy Kingdoms. Make sure you head over to your local store and pick up a copy today.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Split The Sky
02. The Biltmore Hotel
03. Pyramids
04. Catharsis
05. Telegraph Static
06. Atlantis
07. La Serena

Run Time: 27:57
Release Date: 09.29.2009