Thanks to the internet one can easily discover a variety of both signed and unsigned bands from all over the world. I would estimate that 95% of the unsigned bands you stumble upon are horrid sounding, however 5% of the time you discover a gem of an independent act. One such band which falls into that elusive fifth percentile is Beheading Of A King. As soon as I heard these guys I knew I was in for a ride.

Beheading Of A King is a group who has worked hard to get their name out. Playing shows with established acts such as See You Next Tuesday, Suicide Silence, After The Burial, Veil Of Maya, Maylene And The Sons Of Disasters and others, has greatly helped in garnering them attention. They have also had the chance to tour with Misery Signals and Structures. Through tireless touring and these very shows, BOAK have built a strong following which lead to the release of their debut, self-titled EP.

The EP begins with a “Prelude” that is a simple, one minute breakdown. It drags into the second track “Menherd” which makes use of the same breakdown but with overlayed vocals and a few other technical overlays. Next, the song “Bible Crumbles” plays, bringing in some thrashing riffs which gives variety to the breakdowns thus setting the pattern for the rest of the EP.

Beheading Of A King is a hard hitting Montreal act that really decapitates fans with their first EP. Hopefully they will stick with it and treat us to a full length release as soon as possible. Fans of Circle Of Contempt, Born Of Osiris, Structures and Ion Dissonance will smash their heads off their desks with this great EP.

Track Listing:

01. Prelude
02. Menherd
03. Bible Crumbles
04. Momentary Compulsive
05. Rot In Peace

Run Time: 15:50
Release Date: 10.23.2009

Check out the song: “Bible Crumbles”