Ender is a Hardcore band from New Jersey, whom having only formed in May of 2009, have somehow managed to release one of the most promising and impressive debut albums I have heard from a band in sometime. After they recorded this gem titled This Is Revenge they played self-booked gigs for three weeks straight, including their native New Jersey to Michigan and Florida, and joining up with national tours like the Vans Warped Tour.

It’s this “punk rock” attitude which comes across making This Is Revenge the perfect storm of a record dynamically. Metal heads as well as hardcore fans can find something to stand behind on in any one of these tracks. When the sound seems stale there are any number of tiny twists in each song to hold your interest. The song “Countless Memories” is a perfect example. Eight seconds into the first song “Sculpting Fragments” I found myself wanting to get up and start wrecking pretty antique things… EIGHT SECONDS!

The typical hardcore elements appear on this CD – plenty of breakdowns with harsh lead vocals and with harmonies – but Ender proves their point without sacrificing any heaviness or depth of their immense sound. The title track “This Is Revenge” sounds like a Lamb Of God song at some of their sludgiest moments. However the track I found standing out the most was “What Will Don Cherry Say Next” as its main riff is a thing of pure, abrasive, guitar-crunching goodness.

This Is Revenge is simply a great album start to end. For a debut, I am genuinely excited to see where Ender continues to go musically. It seems the guys have a clear mission to spread their name rampantly, as a result they will be touring nonstop to support their current and future records.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Sculpting Fragments
02. Fakes And Thieves
03. This Is Revenge
04. Countless Memories
05. Panty Sniffer Does Porn (Featuring Frankie Palmeri)
06. What Will Don Cherry Say Next
07. Break Shit
08. Delawho

Run Time: 30:18
Release Date: 07.20.2010