Muckafurgason’s The Pink Album takes a bit of an open mind to fully appreciate, but, once you can wrap your head around the fact that this isn’t your typical indie rock band drowning in its own pretensions, you’re able to fully understand the release and it’s odd tendencies.

Muckafurgason is a trio of musicians who have been all over the map – even if it’s on fairly unknown routes – and play together in a band where they aren’t scared to work with any type of music they fancy. In most write-ups the common discussion is the band’s ability to play any genre – punk, rock, hip-hop; “leaving no era of the radio untouched” – which is great, but it’s Muckafurgason’s ability to provide honesty and consistency within this framework of vagrancy that truly deserves applause.

The album pinballs from the punk rock of “I Wanna Get…KC”, to the soft throwback rock of “Why Don’t You Get Married” and almost all the points in between can be called a success. The album flows with surprising coherency and the standout tracks, such as “Jeneane” and “Killing Flies”, are given the breathing room required to flex their melodic muscles (yes, I really wrote that).

The Pink Album is a mosaic of influences and aspirations that is united by the genuine wit, honesty, and humour of Muckafurgason. And as a perfect parting gift, “Robert Wilson” delivers the album’s best track which clocks in at just over seven minutes, yet leaves you feeling as though it was the shortest song on the record.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Muckafurgason
02. Dictionary
03. Liar
04. MC Speller
05. Part-Time Rockstar
06. “I Wanna Get…” KC
07. Rock Spaceship
08. Why Don’t You Get Married
09. Janeane
10. Subtle Spy
11. Will You Go With Me?
12. Alone
13. Killing Flies
14. Robert Wilson

Run Time: 41:21
Release Date: 02.18.2010