The Skinny: After only playing a couple shows and shooting a video for their song “Year of The Rat”, Citizen, already received a nomination for Best Original Band of 2009 at the Niagara Music Awards. Hailing from St. Catherine’s, Ontario I highly recommend checking these guys out if you’re into the softer side of rock. Brad Moore’s vocals are unique and easily distinguishable, which is a must for any aspiring rock act.

Now with even more shows under their belt, Citizen has began playing gigs in other areas, coming to Toronto on a regular basis and soon playing the rest of Southern Ontario. With a sound that is truly Canadian and covering songs such as “Rocket Man” and some of the better known Pixies tracks, Citizen is definitely a band you will want to catch live.

Recently, Citizen added Hammond/Synth player Dragan to their lineup to add to an already astonishing sound. The organ adds to an overall great rock ‘n’ roll feel which any music fan will love. There’s nothing not to like about this band; if you’re down with classic rock.

Citizen is for fans of The Tragically Hip who like a little Indie Rock in their daily cup of music. Frontman Brad Moore has described their sound as “Canadiana” and I totally agree; It’s always occurred to me that it’s un-Canadian to not like The Hip, and with their added indie touch, you’ll be hooked on Citizen.  [ END ]

Genre(s): Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Canadiana