Calgary: The largest city in the province of Alberta, is also becoming a breeding ground for metal bands. To date the city has produced Caveat, Divinity, Blacksky, Inner Surge and of course Wormbox. The Judas Chair is the first full length release from Wormbox after previously releasing their self-titled EP Wormbox. These guys are for sure another reason why Calgary is slowly gaining the reputation of a true metal community.

This album was recorded at Monster Music Studios in two and a half months under the guidance of none other than Rodger Sallans who engineered, mixed and mastered The Judas Chair EP. The artwork for this album is dark and was created by the members of Wormbox themselves. The album opens with “March Of The Worm”, the first of 12 pure metal tracks. The songs are heavy, powerful and will get any metal fan totally wanting to throw up the horns. It is definitely the type of record every metal head wants to hear.

Jay Rapp and Mark Fiset have some ripping guitar lines that are sometimes simple and sometimes complicated, but always heavy and dissonant. Guitar solos are inter-dispersed within the songs adding a great sound such as on the song “Falter”. Following the guitars is Mark’s brother Rick Fiset on bass. His playing holds the structure of the songs like a backbone (even though worms don’t have back bones). The drums on this album are simple, keeping a steady beat for the rest of the musicians. This is a nice change from the crazy drumming most metal bands do. Accompanying these instrumentals is Alex Liddy with his heavy shouting vocals. All of this creates a box of worms… I mean Wormbox.

As I said earlier, The Judas Chair is definitely an album that every metal head will want to hear. Bearing this in mind, you should all go purchase this album and rock it on your speakers. The Judas Chair is for fans of Lamb Of God, Burning The Day, Caveat and Endast.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. March of the Worm
02. Good Morning Mr Hyde
03. From the Ashes I Rise
04. With a Smile
05. Falter
06. Black Epitaph
07. H8 Therapy
08. Heathenism
09. The Submissive Switch
10. Harbor The Curse
11. For Keeps
12. The Judas Chair

Run Time: 56:20