Exploding out of Quebec, Breaking The Fourth Wall have already toured across Canada causing chaos every where they’ve played. What happens after creating this much chaos? An EP named Manifesto is recorded and a chance to play Cornerstone Festival arises.

Manifesto is six songs of pure energetrc outbursts from all of the band’s members. The album begins with a drum roll and fast alternate guitaring of a single note. This is followed by the rest of the band joining in with their blend of experimental metal. Chris Falvo’s drumming on his ninja turtles drum kit is simple, but fast creating a high-energy feel. Anthony Harrison’s bass guitaring is also simple but energetic, blending well with the drums. Where the songs get interesting is with Luca Santilli’s guitar work. He switches from heavy, fast guitaring to clean, and when he can’t decide which technique to use he overlays the two. Matt Savage screams vocals over these high powered instrumentals which at times become more of a talking/singing style. All of these elements merge nicely to create the experimental sound of Breaking The Fourth Wall.

A key part of Manifesto, which personally impressed me, was the flow of the album. At the end of a track there is usually a ringing of the guitar which leads into the next song. It is a nice transition without seeming awkward while at the same time being a clear end to said previous song. This was an excellent job in the planning of the EP.

Manifesto is an excellent release for fans of crazy music. Though it may be difficult to dance to with all the odd timings, fans of hardcore can also get into this EP. Along with picking up this release people should check the band out live. The stage is always chaotic with these crazy musicians – definitely worth the price of admission. Breaking The Fourth Wall is for fans of Fear Before, Blood Brothers, Daughters and Heavy Heavy Low Low.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. You Were Really Pretty Until You Opened Your Mouth
02. Lovesick
03. Nobody Names Their Kid Barbara Anymore
04. Murder Of Crows
05. New Wave Feminism Destroyed Old Fashioned Family Values
06. The City’s No Place For A Cowboy

Run Time: 20:49