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Interview with The Color Morale vocalist Garret Rapp

There’s nothing better than a passionate band that’s full of heart and talented to boot. Especially when that band begins to get the recognition they deserve.



There’s nothing better than a passionate band that’s full of heart and talented to boot. Especially when that band begins to get the recognition they deserve. The Color Morale are a new addition to the Rise Records family and have just released their debut full length, We All Have Demons. Here, the band’s vocalist Garret Rapp talks about all that’s important to The Color Morale.

Congrats on We All Have Demons! How does it feel to have it all completed and released?
Garret: We’re super stoked to have the album out there, the feedback has been surreal. We already have our minds racing on ideas for the next one and are beyond giddy to leave for tour.

What was it like for you guys to put this record together?
Garret: It was very confusing, challenging, frustrating, and awesome. We did all of our full length in about 2 weeks compared to most bands today who usually get well over a month to do so. We had recorded 6 of those songs a year prior to the other 4. We had to settle for a lot of things along the way but the finished product was still something that we were proud of and happy with.

Did the album come out the way you were hoping it to?
Garret: Well, as a band of super over critical musicians, I would say there would have been things we did different either way. We had progressed a lot as musicians and started moulding different directions and preferences within the year between recording the rest of the album. The album turned out great though. We had the pleasure of producing our album with Joey Sturgis who is the man. He made the record sound killer. We can’t wait to record the next album already, but we’re more excited to start life on the road and show kids what we’re about.

How did the CD release show go?
Garret: It was awesome! We did an in-store show at Hot Topic where about 400 kids showed up. The following Saturday was our official release show with Gwen Stacy and about 550 came. For Rockford, Illinois that’s pretty big news. We were pretty stoked. I think there are videos of both of those shows on YouTube now.

A lot of people have commented on how great your lyrics are. How important is that part of your music?
Garret: I would say our lyrics are one of the most important parts of what we do. If it means nothing, it’s worth nothing. This is our purpose in what we do, reaching out to kids and showing the love that we need in not just this scene, but in social situations in general. Kids have it pretty rough and challenging these days. The Color Morale is our attempt at utilizing our gifts and passions to create a family that we can center our lives around together towards a greater calling and privilege. We are enabled.

And I have to give you guys another “congrats” for being signed to Rise Records a little while ago! How did it happen?
Garret: We had been talking about a few label options when we crossed paths with Matthew at Rise. Our manager had helped us out a lot with what direction to take and in the end we felt Rise was the best fit for us.

What has it been like so far?
Garret: We are super stoked about the Rise Family. They have a lot of great things going on and they’re signing some awesome bands. We’re very thankful to be part of such an awesome growing family and look forward to our future together.

You have a fall tour with Attack Attack! coming up. What are the details on that?
Garret: We’re doing a 5 week nationwide tour with Attack! Attack! starting in October. We’re super stoked about this. AA are friends of ours and we’re excited for fun on the road with those guys.

What can everyone expect out of one of your live shows?
Garret: We try to play hard every show, and primarily just be honest in what we do. It’s very important to us to emulate the passion that is created when we write songs and lyrics. There’s nothing worse than seeing a band on stage that doesn’t want to be there or a band that takes what they do for granted. We are very lucky to be in the position we’re in and want to always try to give it 110 percent when we play. You have to make people feel and believe in your music. I feel that music is heard better with the heart than the ears.

Do you have any other plans beyond the fall tour?
Garret: We are currently working on other tour/agent options that will be announced soon!

What’s the best part about being in The Color Morale?
Garret: When a kid comes up to you and says that you saved his life because of something you wrote in your music. That actually happened to me today and it made me feel like the luckiest person on earth. I’ve never felt so called to do something or belong somewhere in my entire life. We are VERY privileged to have that blessing. We get to reach out to kids and share our experiences every night of the week. This means everything to us.