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Album Review

Rogue Thief

N7: Neutral Grey (01.01.2007)



I could sit here and think up a bunch of adjectives to explain this disc but I think I will stick to one catch-all word… Boring! The songs on N7: Neutral Grey have a sort of an indie feel with a Stokes kind of influence about them, but they never seem to go anywhere at all. I feel that in an attempt at sounding authentic and original, the production is intentionally lousy and I don’t think it helps the cause. Distortion reigns supreme on these incredibly mind-numbing tunes.

I think the aspect that turned me off the most is the use of an appalling-sounding drum machine. The moment I heard it in the tune, “Frontline,” I was all but done. This seems to be a demo tape and feels as if the whole thing was put together in someone’s garage over the course of a few hours. The songs are annoyingly repetitive and become monotonous in seconds flat. Add to that vocals that not only are distorted but are flat out uninteresting as well and you get a disc that really is not worth the time of day.

Honesty, try as I might I could not find any redeeming quality to this record. I think I would rather endure a root canal with no anesthesia than force myself to listen to this disc one more time. I would not recommend my enemies, let alone anyone else sitting through almost fifty minutes of this non-sense. It really would be an incredible waste of time.

At the end of the day, I could keep trashing this disc but what would be the point? It is better to leave well enough alone by just saying this, N7: Neutral Grey is really a piss poor record that I would not recommend at any cost.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Full Circle
02. New Jersey
03. Saturday Morning
04. Frontline
05. Human Sacrifice
06. Gnash
07. Undertow
08. Neutral Grey
09. Tuesday
10. Harbinger
11. Ragged

Run Time: 49:26