I found myself wishing for amnesia after listening to this unbelievable wreck of a disc. For me Versus The Bear was pretty much an impossible listen. I had a headache after the first thirty seconds and had to literally force myself to listen through in an effort to find a nugget of something even remotely resembling music, (I don’t feel I ever found one).

Sonically this disc is a complete freaking mess and it appears to me that no attention was paid to the recording process at all; everything seems to have been just thrown into the mix; a hodge-podge of instruments and screaming if you will. The vocals are incredibly irritating and annoying and are rife with an indiscernible, incessant yelling that is far too much to take even for a brief period of time. Musically, I do not feel Versus The Bear is any better. While some of the playing is marginally good, it was enough to sustain my interest in the slightest bit.

After agonizingly listening through all five tracks on this disc the only thing I can say for certain is that for once, I was glad that the punishment was over; those sixteen minutes felt like an absolute eternity. Honestly there are so many other bands to listen to that I cant believe I wasted my time listening to something this poor; It is really that bad and I really am not sure what the point of this disc is at all.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. I’ve Got A Hangnail, Lets Get A Room At The Ramada
02. The Art Of Chao Shao-An
03. The Comfort In Sound
04. Ashley, Feel Better (Or Else!)
05. Bedknobs and Brooksticks

Run Time: 16:26