Hands’ bio describes their sound as “Rock and Roll meets ambient Hardcore and warm silvery singing rivals hardcore screams.” After listening to their debut disc Creator numerous times, I believe this description is one hundred percent accurate. The seamless melding of extremely melodic guitar parts with a vocalist who can switches between a hardcore scream and a smooth clean vocal is quite impressive.

I was sold on this disc from the first song “Hurricanes.” I really dig the fact that even though the band has tons of punk influences, the tunes for the most part, are slower in tempo than I was expecting. I like a good heavy disc for sure, but it is the speed of things that sometimes turns me off. When things get too fast and extreme I usually find myself losing interest.

The first time listening through the disc I found myself anticipating what was to come next. There are so many dimensions working in these songs that I found it hard to take it all in. The next few times I listened through from start to finish trying to appreciate all of the little nuances that are going on. The harmonies both instrumental and vocal are fantastic; there are some really long songs on this disc, (“Creator” clocks in at over twenty-three minutes long) but honestly they are never boring and as a matter of fact they held my attention for the entire time. At times, this disc seems like a Death Metal Record, at others, it feels like a punk record and still at others, it is a heavy almost experimental metal disc; complete with some lengthy instrumental jams of sorts.

Honestly, Creator is a terrific record start to finish. With so many different influences at work on this disc there is guaranteed to be something of interest for virtually every fan of heavy music. I suggest picking this disc up.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Hurricanes
02. Rescue
03. Brightest
04. The Heavens And The Earth
05. Of The Flesh
06. Robed Of Majesty
07. The Least Of These
08. Resistance
09. Returning
10. Creator

Run Time: 74:14