The Answer are an exciting and loud hard rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They have a sound, very similar to AC/DC and even slight hints of the modern, Wolfmother. They formed in 2000 and after years of hard work they became better known locally. From 2005 however, their fame started to spread further and further afield and now the band have a strong fan base not only in European cities, but also as far away as Australia. They’ve already released two albums, most recently, Everyday Demons back in January of this year.

However, this review, is of their EP Never Too Late which was released in America last year to try and create a bit of interest in the band, across the Atlantic. Overall, it’s a good, short EP to attract new fans and has a bonus DVD with a few music videos and some really neat live performances.

The CD however, is great. It has three studio tracks and one live performance of “Come Follow Me” in Japan, which in itself, is terrific. Just this one live song, because of it’s sheer power, would influence many people to go to see these guys live. Overall, the music, is loud, fast, energetic and catchy. The guitar is thick, the bass is thumping and the drums are superb. Then we come to Cormac Neeson, who has a voice destined for this genre. It fits into place so well and no doubt the close relationship between the founders, guitarist Paul Mahon and bassist Micky Waters is a very important part of the band. Without their close bond, I doubt whether this band would have created anything more than ripples in the music world.

However, it’s hard to distinguish different songs from others. Every track does seem to sound terribly similar to the rest. Another problem is that we’ve heard this genre before, do we really need to hear it again? This type of rock practically died out in the late eighties and early nighties. If you like “Thunder” and AC/DC there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this band. However, if you’re looking for something new and inspiring look elsewhere.

Track Listing:

01. Never Too Late
02. Highwater Or Hell
03. The Doctor
04. Come Follow Me (Live In Japan)

Run Time: 17:05
Release Date: November 11, 2008