Winding passages that feature a great deal of melody are thrown at you right out of the gates as Siebenburgen work their wares. The style they play is quite absorbent and leaves you with a strong impression of the band. An immediate comparison to Dissection comes to mind; quite a strong act to emulate. A little more variation can be seen between the quieter and the more abrasive sections and it allows some nice moments to intersperse with appropriate female vocals. Don’t take the band lightly though as they are able to reach frenetic heights with their normal playing and create an inferno of sounds. The intensity is broken up however, by many more subdued moments which create an enjoyable approach.

Siebenburgen offer a style that has both aggressive moments and melodious sections in good measure, neither of which take away from the music as a whole. One wishes the band would push their melodic moments slightly more throughout the work, but a nice amount of variety is present for the most part. They don’t completely floor you as Dissection is able to, but they make the most of their stylistic choices to form a sound all to their own.

Vocals are harsh, but appropriate, fitting nicely over top of the music itself. The remainder of the band play solidly with appropriately shifting guitar playing and nice keyboard fills. Make no mistake that there is nothing completely amazing on display, however, as the band just stick to a style they know they are capable of performing pretty well and pull it off.

The album is still pretty straightforward in its abrasive, yet melodic approach and doesn’t do anything particularly inventive. For fans of the type of music described there should be plenty of reasons to check out Revelation VI as it brings together some really enjoyable metal and something that should be checked out by not only black metal aficionados, but most fans of the metal genre as well.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Awaken
02. Rebirth Of The Nameless
03. Infernaliia
04. Revelation VI
05. Grimheim
06. After The Wolf (Do Dead Men Follow)
07. S.I.N.
08. The Oaken Throne
09. The Soulless
10. Enter Omega (Bonus Track)
11. In Sanctum
12. Fire Leaps High
13. At The End Of Twilight

Run Time: 56:59