Paria lie somewhere at the intersection of Metalcore, Deathmetal and Technical Metal. While admittedly I am not usually the biggest fan of these more extreme genres of music, I have heard enough of them, (while doing these CD reviews) to know when I run across a band that seems to have stepped it up a bit. I feel that The Barnacle Cordious fits comfortably into this description and quite possibly has become sort of my guilty pleasure.

That being said, The Barnacle Cordious is extremely frenzied, intense and full of outright anger. All nine tracks are cranked out with precision and an unbridled enthusiasm, that while not entirely unique, makes them all the more enjoyable to listen to. I particularly like “Circus,” which opens with a cool guitar riff that sets the mood for the attack that is to come, and man does it ever come.

Other tracks worth notable mention are the instrumental “Pish Posh” which highlights the level of musicianship these guys are capable of and the instrumental “I’ve Never Been Here Before In A Long Time” which is really a masterpiece. At over ten minutes long it is hard hitting and heavy, but still maintains a ton of melodic guitar riffing and soloing to keep it interesting the whole way through.

Bottom line, The Barnacle Cordious is a very decent disc that should be a welcome addition to fans of the genre as well as music fans such as me who enjoy stepping out of their comfort zone and experiencing something new and different once in a while.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Barnacle Cordious
02. Circus
03. The Wallabee Dance Machine
04. Pish Posh
05. Bomb
06. Rabid Mcfly Grid
07. Thrash
08. Be
09. I’ve Never Been Here Before In A Long Time

Run Time: 52:14