For years now, foreign music has been leaking into Canada, slowly becoming part of our culture. As of late, Japanese metal has really hit it big, with bands such as Maximum The Hormone, Sigh, Gallhammer, and Dir En Grey garnering massive followings worldwide. The most notable of these bands though, has to be Dir En Grey.

The group has come a long way in the past 12 years; changing drastically during that time. I’m sure we all remember “Cage” and “Child Prey” – earlier tunes the band is well-known for. While the band was already epic then, they’re even more insane now; the vocals are under more control, the screams are more catastrophic than ever and boast an even lower pitch than before.

My personal favourite tune on this new release is “Bugaboo”. It sounds like a title that one would find on the latest, weak hip-hop hit, but it is far heavier than anything any hip-hop artist could even dream of. The vocals are bone-chilling and hardly even resemble the vocalist at all. The instrumentation is heavy, but offers just enough “fun.” You can headbang and bounce at the same time!

This is one of the most experimental albums the band has released to date and it has paid off. It’s heavy, and soft at the same time. Melodic, yet powerful… and all out amazing. Pick it up before it’s gone!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Sa Bir
02. Vinushka
03. Red Soil
04. Doukoku To Sarinu
05. Toguro
06. Glass Skin
07. Stuck Man
08. Reiketsu Nariseba
09. Ware, Yami Tote…
10. Bugaboo
11. Gaika, Chinmoku Ga Nemuru Koro
12. Dozing Green
13. Inconvenient Ideal
14. Dozing Green (Japanese Version)

Run Time: 58:58