Heavy, thunderous, fast and in your face. The Thrash Metal movement is alive and well and gaining momentum. With the release of their debut CD Feed The Beast Earache recording artists Bonded by Blood are doing their part to spread the Thrash. Well written, brilliantly produced songs and a fast and ferocious attack will leave Thrash fans begging for more. Each track on this disc assaults the listener with a wall of riffing guitars and pays homage to the masters of the genre who have come before them, (Exodus, Fueled By Fire, Overkill, Testament, Hatchet and the like). This CD is guaranteed to be a welcome addition to any Metal Heads collection. These guys may be young but don’t hold that against them. Feed The Beast is a genuine Old School Thrash Metal record and Bonded by Blood are a genuine Old School Thrash Metal act. Bassist and vocalist Ruben Dominguez spoke with me by phone from Butte, Montana while on tour as part of the Thrashing Like A Maniac Show alongside Fueled by Fire, Merciless Death, and TX Hate Machine.

Your brand new CD titled, Feed The Beast has just been released. Now that it is complete how do you feel about it? Are you satisfied with the outcome?
Ruben: Now that the CD is out I think the whole band is glad that we have accomplished one of our goals, I mean, you know to actually come out with a CD. We are looking forward to improving on the next one but we gave this one our all. We are still improving as we go. Overall… yeah we are pretty satisfied.

We figure you take your name from the classic Exodus debut album. Why did you choose this for the name of the band?
Ruben: Well, other than being big fans of Exodus the thing is there are five of us in the band and all five of us listen to different music but we knew that the one thing we had in common was that we all owned the Exodus album “Bonded by Blood” and we all liked it a lot so we decided to name ourselves after an album that we all enjoyed.

Debut albums really define a band. Making a strong first impression is crucial, especially in Metal. Tell us a bit about, Feed The Beast. What did you feel were the most important things to include on this album?
Ruben: We had something we really wanted which is speed; there is a lot of speed in there. There is also a lot of aggressiveness.

Give us some insight into the record Feed The Beast and the meaning behind its title?
Ruben: “Feed The Beast” was a song on our EP Extinguish the Weak and it is a song about feeding the scene in general, making it stronger. With either us being the beast or the scene being the beast and just feeding it and making it better and stronger. Not to promote just ourselves but the scene in general.

What was the writing process like for this CD? Did you guys all write together? How long did it take?
Ruben: Something we did this time that we have not done on our last demos is that we had our rhythm guitarist concentrate on nothing but rhythms. He recorded all of the rhythm tracks. As far as writing goes usually somebody comes up with a riff and then we will work on a structure all together. We are all into it. It is kind of a group effort.

How was the Thrashing Like A Maniac tour for you?
Ruben: It was awesome, I mean this was our first real official tour and it was great. Other than a few things going wrong with the van it was amazing. Every show was great and everyone we met was great… it was very cool.

When you are on the road for a while I am sure you see and experience many different things you might not even have known existed. Are there any stories that stand out in your mind as being exceptionally strange or odd?
Ruben: Yeah. we have had a few weird people offer us jobs which is kind of odd because you know we will go out to eat or something and people come up to us and ask us to sell vacuums or something. It has been lots of random stuff. None of us have really ever been out of Southern California much so it is all a new experience. Over in Portland we saw a river and we ended up jumping in, it was like forty degrees it was freezing but it was a new experience for us.

Do you find it difficult being away from family and friends for such an extensive period of time? How do you cope with the separation?
Ruben: You know what we have been concentrating on the band so much that we only have six friends; each other. You know what I mean? Other than that our families are supportive and we do keep in contact with them.

How did you first garner the attention of Earache?
Ruben: I believe it was done through the internet. We had just finished recording our EP and we put our music up on the internet. And from what I understand they heard of us through the Thrash Unlimited forum on Thrash Unlimited Internet Radio and they checked us out. They were kind of sneaky about it though if I remember right. Somebody sent us an email asking us our ages and how long we had been together and they never mentioned Earache at all. Then after asking us a bunch of questions they told us they were from Earache records. We were so happy. I don’t know how to describe it.

What is next for Bonded by Blood?
Ruben: After we finish the Thrash Like a Manic Tour we are still gonna do another US tour in August and then in September we will be going to Europe to do some touring there. We have a lot of touring coming up to promote our album.

Have you ever been overseas before or is this the first time?
Ruben: This will be our first time overseas.

Ruben: Oh yeah we are! I mean there is a big scene over there and when we had our EP we had people buying it from across the sea. It was great.