Bonded By Blood


Thrash Metal has never and will never die! In order to keep it fresh and with a natural state of sheer aggression; however, the genre has always depended on new blood, a new generation of fans and musicians to keep the flame alive. Thankfully that’s California’s Bonded By Blood’s raison d’etre: to help to command the XXI century’s new hordes of American Thrash. Their latest release, The Aftermath (out via Earache Records), only confirms the previous statement: the album is pure aggression, with great hooks and lots of high quality music. Recently we spoke with drummer Carlos Regalado about the band’s new album, their recent line up changes, and overall ongoing mission to take their music to every possible corner of the planet.

Heavy, thunderous, fast and in your face. The Thrash Metal movement is alive and well and gaining momentum. With the release of their debut CD Feed The Beast Earache recording artists Bonded by Blood are doing their part to spread the Thrash. Well written, brilliantly produced songs and a fast and ferocious attack will leave Thrash fans begging for more. Each track on this disc assaults the listener with a wall of riffing guitars and pays homage to the masters of the genre who have come before them, (Exodus, Fueled By Fire, Overkill, Testament, Hatchet and the like). This CD is guaranteed to be a welcome addition to any Metal Heads collection. These guys may be young but don’t hold that against them. Feed The Beast is a genuine Old School Thrash Metal record and Bonded by Blood are a genuine Old School Thrash Metal act. Bassist and vocalist Ruben Dominguez spoke with me by phone from Butte, Montana while on tour as part of the Thrashing Like A Maniac Show alongside Fueled by Fire, Merciless Death, and TX Hate Machine.