At the beginning of the day it was said to allegedly rain until the night. The bad part about that news was that Mayhem was an outdoor show. Nevertheless, it was beautiful out all day and God shinned his light on the Christian boys of Underoath… when the ripped through their set with lighting. We caught up with screamer and guitarist Spencer Chamberlain, bassist Grant Brandell and and keyboardist Christopher Dudley and chatted about their new disc, the tour, and fighting off rabies-infected dragons.

First things first, how is the Mayhem Tour going for you guys?
Grant: Super duper, really good…a lot of fun.

Any moments that stick out in your mind?
Chris: Um…all of them really…No honestly, the whole tour has been awesome. Nothing negative thus far.

Spencer: Yea nothing to complain about for sure, it’s been way better than we expected.

You guys are playing in front of a different crowd, so you get a chance to get your music out to different people…
Chris: Yea diffidently. It’s awesome because there are a lot of people who will email us or talk to us after we play or something and be like, “yea we didn’t know who you guys were before but you guys played and put on a good show”, so yea it’s awesome.

What’s been going on the past couple of years, it been about 2 years since you’ve released an album, but you’ve got a new one coming out?
Spencer: Yea, September 2nd and were actually going to be in Toronto on the 3rd. For the CD release show, Canada’s CD release show.

Chris: Do you know where?

Grant: I’ve just heard…um…

Spencer: I don’t know the name of the venue.

Chris: It’s on our MySpace.

Spencer: But September 3rd, Underoath… Toronto!

Chris: With…The Red Chord…

Grant: Yessss.

Spencer: And some other Band…

Grant: Cancer Bats.

Chris: Cancer Bats?

That’s rad, they’re from around here eh, have you guys played with them?
Chris: Yea, we’ve known those guys from like, way back.

Grant: Back in the day. [laughs]

Tell me a little bit about the new album; is there a theme or concept to it?
Spencer: I mean there isn’t really a concept to the album, it’s not like it reads like a story from front to back but definitely the way the album is placed and the way it flows, it’s kind of one directional. I feel like it should be started and finished the way we laid it out. It’s kind of just like the last two years with all the ups and downs of what I’ve been through, what we’ve all been through. But definitely the way it kind of flows is the way it should be listened to.

Did you write the lyrics [to Spencer]
Spencer: Yea.

Where were you coming from lyric-wise?
Spencer: All over the place, I mean we all go through stuff and I’m just honest.

What’s being played through the speakers of the van lately?
Chris: It depends on who you ask, everybody listens to different stuff. Grant what are you listening to?

Grant: Umm…I just bought The Essential Michael Jackson this morning on itunes…

Chris: Nice, nice…What new stuff are you listening to?

Grant: If I just bought it, it’s new to me right? Umm…Personal.

Chris: Yea the new Personal record is amazing.

Grant: New Coldplay is good.

Spencer: Nine Inch Nails is really good.

Grant: I heard new Slipknot, I’m probably going to be buying that.

Chris: It’s brutality, solos up the wazzu.

Spencer: Umm, what else has come out recently?

Grant: New Deathcab is pretty good…hmm…looking forward to hearing the new Metallica. Not purchasing, but hearing.

Spencer: HAHA, take that Lars. [all laughs]

Grant: Just kidding…

Chris: Yea…I think that’s pretty much it…

Grant: Newest Blood record is really good, but it’s not that new.

Chris: I’m listening to a lot of old favorites.

Spencer: Yea, as far as influence goes, were all over the board. I actually listen to a lot of the records my dad use to have…just like some old Led Zeppelin and some Pink Floyd.

What happened to your hand? [Spencer’s hand had some heavy bandages on it]
Spencer: Tim split it open with his guitar.

Chris: No, remember the story we had for it.

Spencer: Oh hey, I saved you from the rabies…

Chris: Yea there was a rabies-infested dragon, and it was attacking me and then Spencer jumped in the middle and…

Spencer: And right when I jumped in the middle he just looked at me and peaced-out. SUCKER!

Chris: And then Spencer got the rabies.

Spencer: I got bit by a rabies-infected dragon.

Chris: Spencer was naked by the way.

Grant: And computer animated. [laughs]

Favorite moment as a band?
Grant: The first time I laid eyes on Chris.

Chris: Umm…there’s like so much.

A lot of touring eh…
Chris: I could make a top 500 most memorable moments; it would be hard to narrow it down.

Spencer: A good moment is when we listened to the new album from start to finish.

Grant: I would say when we were making bombs and blew up the printer.

Spencer: We tested our knowledge on making bombs.

Chris: I did a pretty good job.

Last Words
Grant: See you September 3rd

Spencer: September 2nd, record.

Chris: And thanks for coming to the Rock Star Mayhem Energy Drink tour.