Whenever a band attempts blending genres together, it doesn’t always seem to work out. With The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) however, the combination works flawlessly. Combining metal, post-hardcore, and grindcore, the band excels constantly at every level. With an EP and two full-length albums, the band is only going to grow stronger.

Plagues opens up with the kickass “Goats on a Boat”. The majority of the track has a metalcore feel to it, with mind-numbing screams and growls gripped tightly by raw riffs and intense drumming. The bridge consists of multiple breakdowns accompanied by a grindcore-y riff in between each. Of course TDWP utilizes their breakdown expertise in multiple situations. Honestly, what’s metalcore without a breakdown?

My absolute favorite track on the disc is “Don’t Dink and Drance”. I actually had this song for my ringtone for months. The first note of the track is very distinguishable. Any fan of TDWP will be able to tell you what song it is based on the first half second.

Another interesting track is “You Can’t Spell ‘Crap’ Without ‘C’”. Craig Owens of Chiodos contributes guest vocals on the track. When Mike Hranica is belting out lyrics the band is in overdrive, but when Owens adds his soothing, melodic style, the entire band slows right down.

Plagues has got to be the best Christian metalcore album I have ever heard. I know the band will only evolve even more, and unleash even greater music onto the world.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Goats on a Boat
02. Number Three, Never Forget
03. HTML Rulez d00d
04. Hey John, What’s Your Name Again?
05. Don’t Dink And Drance
06. You Can’t Spell “Crap” Without “C”
07. This Song Is Called
08. Reptar, King Of The Ozone
09. The Scorpion Deathlock
10. Nickels Is Money Too

Run Time: 37:50