Sometimes one will come across something so incredible it is difficult to translate one’s thoughts into suitable words. Talent, musical ability, desire, drive, potential—none of these words can describe Here I Come Falling well enough. This band has undeniable talent that I wish I could describe adequately; yet I find myself unable to do so. It doesn’t mean I won’t try.

Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory is a monster of a debut album. Surely the gentlemen in the band put in their best effort to get noticed. And Rise Records luckily noticed Here I Come Falling’s talent before another label did.

The instrumentation throughout the album is constantly upbeat with high distortion levels. It is exactly what you would expect from a typical screamo band; however, their lead singer’s screams pierce through your brain unlike any other. They remind me of George Pettit’s from Alexisonfire, but are far superior.

The lyrics somehow become carved into your brain, only to be unleashed at the worst possible time—possibly in church, maybe in class. All you want to do is scream out the lyrics from one of Here I Come Falling’s hits.

I was very surprised by the talent these young men hold. When I chose to review this album I was expecting your standard screamo band; yet there is something different about Here I Come Falling. If you haven’t heard them already, you should.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Put the City to the Sword
02. A Ghost Town for a Graveyard
03. The Sea Gave up the Dead
04. Bad Company Ruins Good Manners
05. A Pale horse and its Rider
06. The Birds in the Sky, the Fish in the Sea
07. There’s a Lion on the Loose
08. Like Sheep Among Wolves
09. And so We’ll be with the Lord Forever
10. The Beast From the East

Run Time: 30:00