For a group that took a relatively short route to popularity, Ill Scarlett have managed to avoid too much scrutiny by delivering some enjoyable bouncy pop music, infused with heavy ska and reggae influence and a seemingly light-hearted attitude. Their second release, All Day With It, is a clear maturation for the band — as would be expected after the jump to a major label — but still manage to keep the innocent charm that made their last offering so appealing.

“Who’s Got It” opens the record with an out of place, yet forgivable, flamenco guitar lick, which jumps into a rather unneeded rap-metal style turntable lead. However, after a rocky takeoff, the track picks up with some bouncy rhythm-based rock, much akin to material from their first full-length. The record’s first single, “Nothing Special”, works for radio, but actually isn’t one of the stronger tracks on the record, since it lacks the kicked-back groove that ultimately makes this band such a treat. The track is edgier and more aggressive than would be expected, though, and is admirably honest; however, the band are at their best when a groove-laden rhythm is brought to the forefront.

“Clearer Now” incorporates a nice punk tinge to go along with the band’s Sublime-esque grooves, while “Life of a Soldier” is a strong example of how frontman Alex Norman uses his lyrics and vocals to truly elevate the universal appeal of the record with great timing and pop-sensible phrasing. Furthermore, “NTF” is a subtly emotional track that could easily shine on rock radio, mostly because of Norman’s memorable and confident delivery.

The lingering Sublime influence stays throughout, but that’s okay, because Ill Scarlett takes familiar ideas and meshes them together to create a fairly fresh and fun musical experience that doesn’t take too much effort to enjoy. Don’t write this record off just because these boys are the new Punch Much “it” band. All Day With It proves they have both the style and substance to stick around once the next trend comes through.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Who’s Got It
02. Nothing Special
03. Clearer Now
04. Life of a Soldier
05. Pacino
06. NTF.
07. The Fashion (Do or Die)
08. Wake Up
09. Paradise Burning
10. Danse Macabre

Run Time: 36:20