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Album Review


Words of Mass Deception (2006)



RIVKIT (verb)-a pet name for the Hebrew word Rivka, meaning to tie or to bind for the slaughter. Before being brought to the sacrifice, fattened animals were first tied or bound. From this practice come the secondary meanings for RIVKIT – beautiful or desirable.

The new CD Words of Mass Deception, by Minneapolis, Minnesota’s own Rivkit is a must have for metal lovers… this is their first full-length CD. This band really have an old school Nothing Face feel to them for sure, so if you’re a Nothing Face fan you will love this shit. Rivkit is also now proudly endorsed through Basson Sound Equipment guitar cabinets. Basson also endorses Motley Crue, Skinlab, Drowning Pool and many other well-known acts. ( They also have endorsements with In-Tune Guitar pics.

Rivkit’s professional demeanor and commanding stage presence are a consistent assault on their continuously growing audience. Working hard to increase their fan base has rewarded them with opportunities to open for national acts including American Head Charge, Bloodsimple, Dry Kill Logic, and Malevolent Creation. A stylistic foundation of hardcore infused with infectious melodies, clever hooks, and a hint of black metal creates their distinctive sound. Their main musical influences include: Lamb of God, Poison the Well, Nothingface, Living Sacrifice, Cradle of Filth, and Pantera. “Rivkit is punishing, unforgiving, and relentless. This is the band that sets the standard for Minneapolis Metal.”

Words Of Mass Deception has twelve kick-ass tracks that will melt your fucking face right off. The CD starts heavy right off the bat with “Enigma Of The Whore”… this song is bad ass! The CD lasts for almost an hour (55:20) and this band has the perfect combination of heavy and melodic; and pulls it off so well. Rivkit have been working on this album for years now and it’s finally out so I recommend you check this out.

The over all sound of the CD is amazing and the vocals are tight as fuck. The whole band is on time, the guitar sound is really thick and the overall tone is amazing. The keyboards really make the music stand out as they are very melodic and eerie at the same time. The drums are insane and have such a good “drum sound” on this CD. The bass could have a bit more balls to it, but what can yeah do? Some of the songs are very political as you can tell when listened to, but they’re not lame at all and are very well done. I hope to see this band come to Canada so I can check them out live for sure. I give this CD 8 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Enigma of the Whore
02. 18 Months of Agony
03. Scapegoat
04. Requiem For The Fallen
05. Words of Mass Deception
06. All the People Are Dead
07. Silver Tongued Devil
08. Local Martyr
09. A Life Without
10. Perfect Murder
11. Inequities of The Common Parasite
12. Recoil

Run Time: 55:20