Dropping Daylight comes from Minneapolis and is composed of music school dropouts. Vocalist and Pianist, Sebastian Davin is a classically trained pianist who studied at the Berklee School of Music. Yes everyone, we have some real musicians on our hands. One of the real treasures of this band is Sebastian’s teenage brother Seth, whose maturity is almost bewildering.

Recommended by Hawthorne Heights to Octane, one’s opinion instantly falls into one category or the other. The first is the die-hard Hawthorne Heights fan who will check the recommendation out because they believe J.T. Woodruff and his fellow members can do no wrong. The other group will instantly dismiss the recommendation based on their distaste for Hawthorne Heights.

While I tend to fall into the latter category, putting aside your snarky preconceptions is necessary in the case of Minneapolis’ Dropping Daylight. Led by vocalist/pianist Sebastian Davin, Dropping Daylight features alternating thrashing instrumentals, impassioned vocals, and perfectly accented piano accompaniments. How exactly can a piano peacefully coexist with hard-nosed rock? Just one listen to Dropping Daylight’s Brace Yourself and the answer will be crystal clear.

Honestly when I heard their song “Tell Me,” I was like, “Gonda (PGA Prez) hook me up with this CD, I want to review these dudes! For sure they rock.” A week later and it’s in my hands. I have listened to it for about two weeks now and in my eyes have saved the best review for last. Dropping Daylight’s new LP is off the fucking wall. Fuck taking music school, these guys are probably better then your music teacher… HAHA.

This band is not a heavy band, but somehow they have so much energy in their music that they might as well try playing with a few meal bands just to see what happens. This band is very talented in every way possible. I think, musically they are genius… hands fucking down and their new 11 track CD will prove it to you! Every song is catchy in its own way and it’s a CD you can listen to from front to back; there are no shitty songs whatsoever, so put your seat belts on, you’re about to go for a ride. If you end up catching them live this year at Warped Tour you will know what I’m talking about.

Over all the band is tighter then most bands today, they have a great sound and your mothers will cheat on your fathers if the band somehow ends up at your home. So call mommy a liar if you want, but Dropping Daylight and their music do not lie. Check out their new LP, it’s in stores right now! 9 out of 10… Easily!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Tell Me
02. Brace Yourself
03. Waiting Through the Afternoon
04. Apologies
05. Take a Photograph
06. Lucy
07. Soliloquy
08. War Song
09. Blame Me
10. Answering Our Prayers
11. ‘Til You Feel Something

Run Time: 35:29