For roughly the last ten years, down under Metallers Truth Corroded have been punishing Australia’s stages and ears with their politically charged anthems of destruction. Now with the release of their second full length album Our Enemy Is The Weapon; (Truth Inc / MGM) Truth Corroded have definitely cemented their feet into the next era of modern metal.

Starting off the proceedings with “Ashes to the Blazing Sky”, the 33 second intro track immediately sets the scene for the devastating following “The Cull” – two minutes of the most aggressive, abrasive, no eye liner, no bullshit, against the grain music I have heard for a long time. The strong vocal opening and driving thrash riffage in “The Cull” demands instant respect, powering into some massive grooves unheard since the Max fronted Sepultura days.

Track 3, “Captives” picks up where “The Cull” left off; the opening riff here building to a wrecking ball of intensified rage leading to a bone shattering chorus reminiscent of vulgar era Pantera. Track four, “Ninety One”, is where this release truly opens up, from the opening riff this Aussie metal powerhouse put on a lesson in how to make a truly kick-fucking-ass metal anthem, WITHOUT all the modern metal clichés. The powering chorus, awesome early nineties inspired riffage, and shredding guitars ensure this track will be played at full volume for a long time to come. Vocalist Jason North really shines on this track, the strong as fuck vocal phrasing attacks throughout the entire song gelling the thrash and powergrooves together, leading to an awesome slowed down ending paying homage again to early Sepultura and Machine Head.

At the halfway point TC slow down the pace a little, showing some groove in the politically charged “A Sky Laden With Flies”, drummer (now ex-drummer) Matt showing his double kick skills throughout the versus, and guitarist Corey and Mark trading blows, chugging and wailing throughout the track. This slow pace though doesn’t last long with the following tracks “An Enemy Among Us” and “Of the Ten” showing why this band has been destroying stages around Australia for years. These mosh inducing tracks showcasing the bands well rounded knowledge of all things metal; the lead guitaring, tight as a nuns cunt drums, and the always powerful vocals instantly have your hands doing the metal horns and punching the air!

Closing tracks “Kill Of Lies” and “The Violence Came Home”, are the perfect closing songs to this amazing release. TC show their true power on these final tracks, with some exceptional lead guitar from axeman Corey; the band showing why they have graced the stages with International acts such as Sepultura, Chimaira, Inflames and Sick Of it All to name a few. Closing track “The Violence Came Home” has one of the best, driving, in your face riffs of all time. When it kicks in, if your heads not banging, you don’t like metal – simple as that, it’s fucking killer!

Our Enemy is the Weapon does what a lot of modern metal albums cannot do, and that is retain the listener throughout every song with out ever losing aggression or integrity. Although this album has strong political undertones, with songs dealing with nuclear holocaust and nuclear weapons, it is still accessible to non political metal heads like myself, who just like to hear a kick ass no bullshit metal album that for once DOESN’T sound hardcore or metalcore.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. The Cull
03. Captives
04. Ninety One
05. A Sky Laden With Flies
06. An Enemy Among Us
07. Of The Ten
08. Resonance Of The Coming Fire
09. Silence
10. Kill Of Lies
11. The Violence Came Home

Run Time: 42:24
Release Date: 2005