Making the Aftershock Festival truly special, Limp Bizkit’s vocalist, Fred Durst, sang a few songs from the middle of the crowd. Durst showed no hesitation getting up close and personal with his fans. Before their set started, Durst allowed a few special fans, including one happy youngster and his dad, to come back stage for a quick autograph session.

Two months prior to Seether hitting the stage at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA, Seether’s sixth studio album, Isolate and Medicate, was released. Spiking to number 4 on the U.S. billboard charts and number 6 on the Canadian billboard charts, fans anxiously waited till the end of the day in 100+ degree heat to hear Seether play. It was well worth the wait!

Whether you’re a fan of Rise Against or not, there are just some bands you need to see live. And Rise Against should be at the top of that list! Not only do they sound exactly like their CDs, pumping up the crowd seems like second nature to them. Between lead guitarist, Zach Blair, ripping into power chords while jumping off speakers and vocalist, Tim Mcilrath, getting up close and personal with the screaming crowd, you are in for a wicked good time. Rise Against played at the Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA.

In 2011, fans of Atreyu were saddened to hear that they would be taking a break from making music and touring. Vocalist, Alex Varkatzas confirmed that the band was going on hiatus to “recharge and focus on other parts of our lives.” The anticipation for Atreyu’s return is officially over! Performing at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA in September 2014, Atreyu hit the stage with extreme energy reinvigorating fans. Atreyu is rumored to have a new album out next year!