Within the last few years, extreme and heavy acts have been issuing splits that have been both innovative, necessary, and lucrative. Certain splits tend to pair artists of like minds together, as well as ones that dynamically/artistically play off of each other. Then you have this split between Fister and CHRCH: two bands more-or-less within the same genre, but with entirely different emotional impacts and inflections.

With CHRCH’s offering, you can see the ethereal, ghostly, almost mournful side of doom. “Temples” tends to weigh musically more on the Candlemass side of things then most of the modern day morose outfits; though with more of Quorthon from Bathory on vocals as opposed to Messiah’s tenor bellows. I want to say they have a slight wisp of Windhand in their sound too, but dammit if they dont have their own cool swagger to go with it all!

Then you have Missouri’s Fister, who, like their kindred counterparts Primitive Man, are notorious for their touring and EP releases. Until that glorious day that we actually see the light (or darkness) of a full release again, the torturous delight of “The Ditch” will have to suffice. Their doom feels like a dark, caustic beast in pain, brimming with a long-smouldering hate. As a fan of the band, I can tell you their progression is nothing short of beautiful considering their impromptu and humble beginnings.

Overall, the success of this split is a true testament to the art of two dark and dismal doom acts combining forces for the greater good of heavy music everywhere.

Fister/CHRCH Split Track Listing:

01. Temples – CHRCH
02. The Ditch – Fister

Run Time: 37:15
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Record Label: Crown and Throne Ltd.

Listen to the entire bombastic split here.