Royal Thunder


‎As the Toronto crowd slowly trickled into the Virgin Mobile Mod Club there was a weirdly quick blurp of people and the venue shot from 20 patrons to a hundred in a matter of 2 Royal Thunder songs. With a couple beers and a shot of Jameson dead on the bar counter I realized that what was a dreadfully empty venue had become quite rammed. Sure most people might be here to see Baroness triumph over evil with their luscious tunes, but God damn they were treated to some fucking good Royal Thunder. The trio were in top form and easily outdid their last Toronto performance (they hit the Horseshoe Tavern back in October of 2012).

Royal Thunder are offering a free download of their three-song, acoustic CVI:A EP via both Amazon and Bandcamp. The acoustic renditions of “Whispering World,” “Parsonz Curse”, and “Black Water Vision,” were recorded in early 2013 and followed an incredibly active period for the young Atlanta band, who released their debut full-length album CVI in May of 2012. In the intervening months, Royal Thunder crisscrossed the country numerous times with a variety of bands including Dillinger Escape Plan, Valient Thorr, and Pallbearer.

Royal Thunder, the Atlanta-based co-ed quartet whose debut album (‘CVI’) landed on Best of 2012 lists from Decibel, Pitchfork, Spin, Revolver and the Village Voice, premiere their video for “Blue” via Pitchfork – watch it below! The clip comes as news of the band’s first European tour is confirmed. Royal Thunder will perform a handful of mid-April dates with Pallbearer including a stop at Roadburn on April 18. The band also kick off a month of North American dates, joining Enslaved and Pallbearer for a trek that launches on January 3th0 at Underground Arts in Philadelphia.

It’s certainly an exciting time for the band Royal Thunder. The Atlanta, Georgia based quartet sound like what you might expect from a group out of the deep south of the United States. They’ve been described as revved-up southern rock that howls like Led Zeppelin with some psychedelia thrown in for good measure. They’ve also been described as a haunting rock band that attracts listeners with their dark rhythms and soulful vocals. Royal Thunder got its start in 2007 and after playing a lot in Atlanta as well as the rest of the south, they self-recorded and released a seven song EP in late 2009.

Royal Thunder’s debut album CVI (Roman Numeral for 106) is an awesome retro metal album that sounds like a cross between Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Oh yeah, and they’re fronted by a woman, but don’t even think that front woman Miny Parsonz is “just another female metal vocalist.” No, this woman has got pipes that sound like she was raised on a steady diet of Ozzy and Robert Plant with a dash of Mick Jagger thrown in for good measure.

Rwake vocalist CT will premiere his documentary “Slow Southern Steel” next weekend at the Little Rock Film Festival. This will be the worldwide premiere of the film that has been three years in the making with additional screening dates to be announced soon. CT directed the film along with David Lipke and will be on hand for the film’s premiere on Saturday, June 4th at 6:50pm at the Riverdale Cinema #1 in Little Rock, AR.