Well, here we are, another new, supposedly last farewell album from Ministry. If memory serves me correctly, The Last Sucker was meant to be the final act, but since then we have had the impressive Relapse and now From Beer to Eternity (FBTE). The release of this album is understandable however as indeed, this recording could very well be the last. It is essentially melded together from tracks Al Jourgensen and Mike Scaccia produced shortly before his tragic death from a heart attack whilst on stage with his other band ‘Rigor Mortis.

Growing up I was a huge fan of Ministry; they were one of the bands I could consistently turn to when I wanted to blow off some steam or chuckle while listening to Uncle Al Jorgenson rant and rave about politics, current events and the government. So with great anticipation I dropped the new offering Relapse into my player and sat back for a listen. While the rest of the songs would prove to follow suit, “Ghouldiggers” kicked things off in good old Ministry fashion, laying down a series of familiar and pounding, industrial riffs. Overall these songs are decent, but I do feel the key Ministry elements like aggression, a sense of urgency and having “something to say” are a bit lacking. Listened to on its own I think Relapse is a decent record, but when compared to classics such as Psalm 69 and The Land Of Rape and Honey, I don’t think it stacks up too well.